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TrustRanks reliability diminishes with increased distance between documents and the seed set. Fill in the form for a free Keyboost test. Using outreach to get the connections you need. If youve good quality content on your website, nows the time to start promoting it via your social media channels, whether its LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter or any other. Making your content such as your blog posts as visible as you can will mean more people are likely to want to link to you. Getting SEO backlinks in this way is a marketing activity like any other, with the one goal of using each backlink for optimization. You can also be more pro-active about getting SEO backlinks yourself although it takes time and effort. Research websites in your niche area, find their email address on their websites, and point them to any useful content on your site that you suspect they might like to link to. Make this easier for yourself by creating blogs with helpful explanatory guides to your subject area that are engaging and useful. Why not run a competition and promote it on social media with the link to your website? Post on Twitter and link to your website.
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The Backlink Checker gives you access to the backlink profile of your website and that of your competitors. When you submit an URL you can choose to view the complete backlink profile for a website. RELATED APIs 2412. API Name Description Category Versions.
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Rank checker: scan history. Instant ranking check. Instant ranking check. Scanning results will be updated according to your schedule depends on your subscription plan. Update your rankings results any time. Receive them within a few minutes to a half hour depending on the size of your request. Compare results to a custom date. Compare results to a custom date. Keyword research tool: Keyword data sources. Keyword research tool: Keyword data sources. Clickstream Google Keyword Planner. Google Ads Keyword Planner, People Also Ask search snippet, Google search bar autocomplete, Related Searches snippet, Google Search Console, spy on competitors. Backlink quality analysis data sources. Backlink quality analysis data sources. Powered by Majestic. Majestic backlink data for free. Majestic backlink data for free. Backlink management tool. track earned partner links, disappeared/modified links. Backlink management tool. track earned partner links, disappeared/modified links. Automatic backlink analysis for spam.
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Emily February 5, 2019 at 633: am. Its really incredible all the ways Ahrefs can be used. Luckily havent had to use it for this purpose yet, but its great to have on the radar.; Thanks for the thorough walk-through, Ill be bookmarking it! Brian Jackson February 8, 2019 at 306: pm. Yes, Ahrefs is awesome. We use it every day at Kinsta. Their team is constantly adding more useful features to the tool. Just within the last week, they added YouTube search volume for keywords and the ability to instantly get a report of all your internal backlinks. Namas July 25, 2019 at 1024: am. Hi, my website has started getting thousands of spammy nofollow backlinks from last one week. Someone has placed my website into any backlink software I think. How do I stop it and how do I clean up all those spammy nofollow links? only Ahrefs is showing. search console and Moz are too slow to pick the links. Tom Zsomborgi July 26, 2019 at 217: am. Im sorry to hear that! You need to keep checking these tools and combine a big list of URL you can disavow in your Search Console https//
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Ahrefs Backlink Checker shows you the top 100 backlinks to any website or URL without having to purchase other products It also shows the five most linked-to pages, the five most common anchor texts, and the total number of backlinks and referring domains that the website has.
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Fresh All links crawled live in the last 6 months. As you can see there are huge differences in how those datasets are defined. Ahrefs and Majestic both offer a 3-month database which makes comparison easy, but SEMRush only offers a single database of 6 months. And because SEMRush do not offer a historic database, the closest to a fair test we could get was to compare. Ahrefs Recent 3 months. Majestic Fresh 3 months. SEMRush Fresh 6 months. Which still isnt really fair! On top of that problem is the fact that tools count data differently. You see most backlink checkers only count the most recent IP they found for a domain meaning that 1 domain 1 IP. But SEMRush records every IP they have found for a domain in the last 6 months which can mean that 1 domain 30 IPs. That is because they count the data differently than any other backlink checker.
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Backlink Watch Free Backlink Tracker Tool, Ahrefs Backlink Analyzer Tool, Rank Signals Free Link Tracking Tool, Ubersuggest are some of the best free backlink checker tools. What are the dofollow and nofollow backlinks? Dofollow links are crucial for your blog as they pass the link juice to the website being linked. On the other hand nofollow links have an nofollow attribute that makes search engine bots know not to follow the links. What are toxic backlinks? Toxic backlinks are the harmful links that may affect the search rankings of your website or even your site may get penalized by Google. Is there any tool paid or free to find spammy or toxic backlinks of a website? Semrush and Ahrefs are the most popular SEO tools to find spammy or toxic backlinks of a website. Final Thoughts On the Best Backlink Checker Tools for 2021. Backlinks are still one of the top-ranking factors in Googles search ranking algorithm. So its essential for all bloggers, SEOs, and website owners to keep an eye on their backlink profile or their competitors.
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GSC, with a pinch of salt though and one other reason to trust GSC is Ahref is a third-party tool. Click to expand. Sep 13, 2020. Apr 20, 2018 Messages. 1946, Reaction score. Now, a minute ago I just put this domain name into ahrefs backlink checker and hit check" backlinks" and ahrefs says that this domain's' DR score is 11 and its UR score is 9, but the thing that puzzles me is that ahrefs only knows about 13 referring domains with a total number of 35 backlinks, while GSC shows 196 referring domains with 598 total backlinks.
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You can try Ahref for 7 days for 7. Open Site Explorer. Open Site Explorer is a free backlink checker tool by It helps you to track the backlinks of your site your competitors sites. Its very useful tools get link building opportunities. It shows the Domain Authority DA and Page Authority PA of a site which helps you to understand the strength of domain and page. Unlike other backlinks checker, it doesnt show a lot of links. But it shows the high-quality backlinks of a site. You can check backlinks based on follow, relnofollow, 301, and 302 redirection. This tool allows you to check backlinks several times a day for free. You need to upgrade to Moz Pro to run unlimited reports. SEMrush is a great tool for keyword researching and competitors analysis.
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The best part is Ahrefs backlink index is updated every 15 minutes, making Ahrefs one of the fastest backlink tracking tools available. Furthermore, Ahrefs provides a Mention alert tool to alert you if your brand is mentioned on another website.
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Go Pro New. Go Pro New. Reverse Image Search. Quality links can help you beat your competitors with increased traffic. With our Backlink Checker, you can easily monitor backlinks for a particular domain. Enter Domain with http//.: Improve Your Rankings! Register now on Semrush and find out more details about your website and track your competitors, How and from where they are getting Backlinks and Traffic. Claim your free 30 day trial now! GET A DETAILED ANALYSIS OF YOUR BACKLINKS FAST? Backlinks, along with content, make up the most important factors that influence how well your webpages perform in search engine results pages SERPs. If that tells you anything, it should be that backlinks are super-important and should be treated so. Treating your site's' backlinks with the utmost importance they deserve starts with having an idea of what your backlink profile looks like. Put differently, you would have to analyze your backlinks to know where you are and the next level to which you should take it. And that's' where a free backlinks checker tool comes in.
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A portion of that report is a competitor backlink analysis. Our Link Intelligence Report in Tableau. Analyzing your competitors backlink profile is one of the best ways to begin a link building campaign. Why reinvent the wheel? Link building is hard, so initially, its much more efficient to emulate what your competitors are doing. The problem I see most people have when doing a competitor backlink analysis is comprehensiveness. The process looks something like this.: Use a backlink profile analysis tool like Ahrefs, Majestic, or Moz. Browse through some of their competitors backlinks. Get a sense of the type of links that are being built. Begin link building. This is by no means wrong, but theres a better way. Our template will improve your process in analyzing competitors backlinks by.: Speeding up the link prospecting. Automatically filtering out links you dont want to spend your time analyzing. Showing the backlinks your competitors have in common. Appending common SEO metrics used to determine link quality.
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What is Ahref? Ahref is one of the many Search Engine Optimization SEO tools. Ahref is known to be a backlink authority checker, but it is much more than that as it happens to be the best SEO tool for website ranking.

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